Armandi Hair specialise in all aspects of hair colouring including tint and semi-permanent colour. Utilising salon quality colours in a wide variety of shades, our stylists take great pleasure in helping clients achieve their hair colour goals.

We know what your hair means to you, and our stylists aim to deliver results in line with your expectations. Hair colouring requires experience and an eye for detail, particularly in terms of shade and tone. If you’re considering trying out a new hair colour but not sure what would compliment your style and appearance, our stylists are more than happy to offer advice.

At Armandi Hair salon in Dulwich Hill, we offer the following colour services for men and women:

Quality Tints for Lasting Results

Tints are ideal for those seeking a permanent colour solution. Tints contain peroxide, which assists the colour molecule in bonding with the hair for a permanent colour solution that lasts. If you are looking to cover up grey or change shades, tints are a lasting solution which will not wash out. As your hair grows, the roots will require touch up maintenance. Contact Armandi Hair today to book a session with one of our friendly colourists.

Semi-Permanent Colour

Looking to experiment with a different hairstyle but not ready to commit? Semi-permanent colouring is ideal. Applied in the form of liquid, gels, creams or mousse, semi-permanent colours are available in a wide variety of shades and will wash out over time. Semi-permanent colours can add gloss, shine and vibrancy to the hair. They are also a popular choice for those looking to try a darker hair colour.

Hair Colouring in Sydney – Satisfaction Guaranteed

Armandi Hair are a leading salon in Sydney, and we are committed to client satisfaction. We take the time to get to know each of our clients. By beginning each appointment with a brief consultation, we can advise and inform accordingly to ensure high-quality results which exceed all expectations.

Book an Appointment for Tint / Semi-Permanent Colour at Armandi Hair

Armandi Hair provide hair colouring services for men and women. Our state of the art salon is located at 1A Hampstead Road Dulwich Hill 22013, Australia. To book an appointment for tinting or semi-permanent colour, please call 02 9550 0022. We look forward to welcoming you to our salon soon.