Armandi Hair provide a range of keratin treatment options to assist clients in maintaining beautiful, healthy hair. This in-salon treatment is a popular option for those seeking a non-permanent, heat-activated hair treatment which will:


Our friendly and professional team of hair stylists utilise the latest Keratin treatments by Myaa Flower (2-6 months) and Alfaparf Lisse (3 months). These treatments are high quality, safe and remarkably effective at nourishing and moisturising hair. As fully qualified hairdressers, the team at Armandi Hair Dulwich Hill have a wealth of experience in the application of keratin treatments, and we have an option to suit all needs and budgets.

From the moment you arrive at our stylish and well-appointed salon to the time you step out the door with stunning hair, you can expect professional service and long-lasting results. We offer three different keratin treatments:


What is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatment involves the application of keratin molecules onto each strand of hair, followed by a salon blowdry and straightening iron to activate the molecules. This results in stronger, healthier and smoother hair. An additional benefit of keratin treatment is that it reduces the time needed to style your hair in the morning.

Keratin is a protein found within hair; however it can become depleted over time due to the use of harmful chemicals and exposure to heat. A salon keratin treatment will replenish your hairs supply of keratin, helping to improve the strength and appearance of your hair. It is ideal for individuals looking to enjoy straighter, frizz-free hair without needing to commit to permanent hair straightening treatments.


Keratin Treatments in Dulwich Hull – Customised for Your Hair Type

At Armandi Hair Dulwich Hill, we use salon quality keratin treatments which deliver outstanding results for all hair types. During your consultation, we will discuss the various options available and ensure that you receive the best treatment for your specific hair type.

Keratin treatments generally last from between 2 months to 6 months depending on which option you choose, and the best results are achieved when used alongside recommended keratin safe shampoos and conditioners which will further nourish your hair and extend the life of your keratin treatment.


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Armandi Hair are passionate about helping clients achieve their hair goals and enjoy smoother, straighter and healthier hair. We invite you to schedule an appointment for keratin treatment today, and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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