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23 / 09 / 2019

Summer in Australia is the best time of year. With days spent enjoying the great outdoors, swimming at the beach and catching up with friends and family it is important that you look and feel your best. To help you keep your hair looking fresh and healthy all summer long, Armandi Hair have prepared some helpful DIY hair care tips which you can do at home. Summer is also a great time to experiment with your hair and try out something new. If you’re looking for a new style altogether, please book an appointment today!

Here are our tip tips for luscious, healthy summer hair.

Change your Shampoo

Throughout the cooler months of the year your hair will be dry and static, so you might be using moisturising shampoos and conditioners to help control frizz and restore moisture. In summer it is a good idea to change shampoo/conditioner again, because all those days at the beach soaking up salty seawater (or chlorinated pool water) and the suns rays will wreak havoc on your hair.

You might want to try shampoo and conditioner with hair repair properties, e.g. shampoo for sun-damaged hair, or those which are enriched with vitamins and minerals. This will help control frizz, moisturize, add UV protection and keep your hair looking fantastic.

Wash Hair Less Often

Washing hair too frequently will strip all the natural oils, leaving hair dull and lifeless. After a day at the beach or pool, give your hair a rinse under fresh water. This will provide sufficient cleansing without stripping natural oils, and it can also be followed up by a moisturising serum. You may wash your hair with shampoo/conditioner every other day but skip the daily wash routine throughout summer and you’ll soon see the benefits.

Love the beachy look? Sea Salt Spray is Your Friend

If you’re after casual hair with a beachy vibe, sea salt spray is what you need. This product is available at any good hair care store and it is a great way to add body and texture to get those signature waves associated with beach hair. It will also add additional moisture to keep your hair nicely hydrated.

Skip the Heat Treatments

Summer is a time when everyone is a little more relaxed about their hair, so why not skip the heat treatments and give your hair some time to restore itself. Heat damage caused by straightening and blow drying can leave hair dry and limp, so summer is the perfect excuse to experiment with natural and care-free styles which don’t require any maintenance. Before long you’ll notice your hair appears healthier and shinier than any other time of year.

Going Light for Summer? You Need Colour Protecting Hair Products

Many people like to change up their style, most commonly opting to dye their hair lighter for a sun-kissed, beachy look. Whilst this may look incredible, the dyes can leave your hair susceptible to damage. You can safeguard against this by using colour protecting hair products which are specifically designed to nourish dyed hair. They’re normally enriched with ingredients such as oils, sea kelp and assorted vitamins/minerals to help your colour stay in your hair longer and reduce the risk of damage.

Time for a Makeover? Contact Armandi Hair Today

By following the above DIY tips, you can enjoy healthy, vibrant hair all summer long. If you’re thinking about changing up your look this summer, please contact Armandi Hair now on 02 9550 0022 to book an appointment.